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The Wonderful Cannon Beach in Spring

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

Cloudy day on Cannon Beach by Calvin Hodgson CC-by-SA

Let's face it, Oregon is generally cold and rainy 3 seasons out of the year. The beaches are no exception to this. With bone-chilling water temperatures of just 54 °F in May, you won't see many wading into the ocean nor any sunbathing. Much too cold for any of those activities; the summer is much more promising. This begs the question: What is there to do on the Oregon coast?

Cannon Beach Walk

Cannon Beach attracts many tourists from far away. The main draw, of course, being Haystack Rock. As seen in The Goonies.

This 235-foot tall behemoth is a good mile walk from the downtown of Cannon Beach. Being very well-known, expect lots of people to be around, especially in the summer. During low tide, there are many tidal pools next to Haystack Rock which we did not get to see this time around since it is well 1. Cold and 2. Soon to be high tide.
If you ever get a chance to go during low tide be aware of when the tide comes in. Many a traveler has been stuck out there needing rescue.

There are also many seagulls to chase or that might interrupt your picnic to feast on your Lay's potato chips.

Seagulls on Cannon Beach Flying
Seagulls by Calvin Hodgson CC-by-SA

Downtown Cannon Beach


You didn't come all this way not to pick up some salt water taffy did you? This is one delicacy you cannot miss. You never can go wrong with salt water taffy. Every coastal city has their taffy makers. Many flavors to choose from so you'll never be left with a sour mouth. Unless you happen to pick sour apple.
Many choices of salt water taffy to choose from


While at Cannon Beach, we visited many art galleries. I might have taken photos, but most galleries are not too fond of that. There were some pretty (and pricey!) sculptures and carvings. Quite a feat to have the patience to craft some of those masterpieces.

Well, that was it for one day at Cannon Beach. There's a myriad of activities to do around there which I'll get to in later posts. That's all for now!



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