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See Seattle, WA

Pike Place closing time
Pike Place Market After Hours by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

Bask in the Afternoon Rain

Seattle, Washington, Oregon too for that matter, experiences rain 280 days out of the year. At times, that is an exaggeration but not far from it. You'll more often than not be caught in the rain during the rainy season; plan wisely.

Points of Interest in Seattle

Every city has fascinating, must-see points of interest. Some known lesser than others. Seattle is, of course, most famous for its Pike Place Market which certainly is on the map if you come from afar. Living in Portland, we decided not to go during the hustle and bustle of the market at high noon. Crowded during any part of the day.
The Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57
Seattle Great Ferris Wheel by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

The Seattle Great Ferris Wheel is but a skip and a hop away from Pike Place. On Pier 57, also known as Miner's Landing, this place features many restaurants indoors and shops. I personally only went to the restaurants where I got a big slice of pizza. Yum!

Space Needle

Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Seattle Space Needle by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

Next on the must see, still popular places are the Space Needle. It is hard to miss it as it, well, stands out like a toothpick in a sea of little cracker buildings. Since this was a day trip (and because we lack money), we did not go up to the top of the needle. The bottom has a gift shop with astronaut food such as freeze-dried ice cream.

Fremont Troll

Troll under the bridge
The Fremont Troll by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

Next on our list is one not as known. It is the Fremont Troll. North of downtown Seattle, this fun loving troll lives under the bridge. One day, as passing car took this fancy so he reached for it. The passengers inside managed to escape, but the car never left the troll's grasp. It is forever held in his hand, as if a token from better days.

Needless to say, parking is a nightmare. You'll end up on one of the many side streets and walking up to it. Worth a few good photos. The car is not actually blue; just something done in Lightroom.

Gum Wall

Wall with Gum
Gum Wall by Michael Schwarzenberger

Our last stop on our journey took us towards the gum wall. Located right next to Pike Place Market, this wall is plastered with chewing gum of all colors. The gum wall was originally started as theater patrons grew weary of waiting in line. This is now an official attraction drawing many each year. Gross and fascinating.



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