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Super Blood Moon at Astoria Oregon

Super Blood Moon as seen from Astoria, Oregon

The super blood moon rises over Astoria. Four moons in one shot.
Super Blood Moon Time-lapse by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

It was quite a sight for the world to see. The Super Blood Moon is a rare occurrence that happens only once in 20 to 30 years. The next one will not be around until 2033. It is called a super blood moon because it is a full moon that is closer to the Earth than it normally would be.

The shot above was just so fun to shoot from atop of the Astoria Column here in Oregon. This is a time-lapse of the moon. Tripods and a shutter cable release are critical to taking a steady shot. As is having a capable camera with a long focal length to be able to capture the moon. No, your iPhone won't cut it. Much too wide field of view lacking dedicated full manual controls.

Let's just say, there were many people at this popular destination. Even with the column being under repair, many came out tonight to glimpse the blood moon.

It was around 7:15 p.m. and we all were eagerly awaiting the rise of the blood moon. Little did we know that the moon was already in full eclipse by the time the sun was setting just behind us in the west. It was already rising before becoming just barely visible to the east. It was a spectacular view as the night went on.
Super Blood Moon with Astoria Column in foreground
Astoria Column w/ Super blood moon by Calvin Hodgson CC by SA 4.0

I could not help thinking about how the view would have looked from Saddle mountain. I have not been up there yet and it sounds like quite a hike. Yet, the view would be less obstructed and there would not be as many artificial lights. This is just south of Astoria and east of Seaside.

In any case, wear warm clothes next time. You are going to be out for an hour as it passes through the Earth's shadow. Plus, be fortunate enough that the forecast does not call for clouds. Ruins any chance to see a blood moon.



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